BitLife Life Simulator – Check Impressive Details Here!

 The game about which you are talking here is created shortly by Candywriter, LLC and included under the category of simulation. The size of BitLife Life Simulator is almost 66 mb and present at free of cost for IOS and Android platforms. One can simply download the game in their device from either Play Store or from App Store. Another thing about the same game is that it contains ads which comes after regular time when users run the game and it is connected to the internet. To make appropriate use of the game one has to learn all the basics of it properly.

what’s in the beginning of BitLife Life Simulator?

In the starting of the game, players need to start their life by choosing their gender, country and city as well. After then they have to choose the time birth of their character. After the same process is completed, players can check their character’s stats at the bottom of the screen such as smarts, looks, happiness and looks as well. All these stats matter a lot in BitLife Life Simulator and to make good progress in the game one must require their character’s stats up to 90%.

Currency in BitLife Life Simulator

Well, currency in the game is present only in a single form and i.e. cash. Now, players have to perform all those tasks and activities by which they easily earn currency in good amount. Also, there is a direct option by which gamers earn cash in huge amount without making hard efforts in the game and i.e. using BitLife Cheats 2019 and hack option. Yes, it is right that gamers only have to use these options and they get a good amount of money in their BitLife Life Simulator account easily.